Now that’s one crazy awesome branding.

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Four Letters | Two Syllables 

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I usually don’t post collections of logos on my blog, but this one created by Romain Roger, is just too beautiful for me to pass by and not feature. So here it is a small part of the Logotypes Collection created for brands who love consumers, who love brands.

A little something I made once to cheer my girlfriend.

Art Renda is a Brazilian manufacturer of quality and sexual appealing lingerie and underwear. They have a huge variety of products and differentiate themselves from other manufacturers by the quality of workmanship and incredible amount of detail they put in their products.

Design studio BR/BAUEN are the ones behind Art Renda’s new gorgeous branding. Most notably they created a completely new symbol, inspired by the symmetry of a bra and tie undone, to present the company.

Stockholm based artist Martin Schmetzer expected an updated logotype to launch with the new GTA V. When that didn’t happen he took the matter into his own hands and designed his own version of the logo of one of the most anticipated games this year.

"On Another Planet" is a project by designer Jonathan Quintin. It’s a series of typographical posters, united under one brand, and consisting of quotes Jonathan has received throughout the years from various clients.

All is just some good fun, but some of those are painfully familiar.

As a little side project fun I redesigned the Playstation 4 Product Page.

Check it out at:
PlayStation 4 Product Page Redesign
by ~AlexTokmakchiev